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We keep ordering simple and personal through our Facebook page HERE. Just comment what you’d like, and we’ll do the rest.

New menus are posted every Tuesday morning at 9 A.M., so don’t forget to set a reminder!

Each meal comes with a side and generously serves 6 (2 adults and 4 kids). We also offer single serving lunch bowls and breakfast/dessert items that typically have 6 to 9 servings.

All of our meals come fully cooked. The packages are color-coded to help with the preparation. Simple heating instructions are included. Most meals can be stored, heated, and served in the packaging the meal comes in. All of the packagings are 100% recyclable.

We currently deliver North, South, and West of the city of Pittsburgh.

In addition to our weekly menu, we offer holiday menus and traditional catering on request.

Contact us HERE if you have any questions.