Hi, I’m Heather. I’m the owner of Dinner by Heather, a mom to Lucy (11), Luca (8), Lola Mae (5) and Liam (2), a wife, and most definitely not a chef. I am and have always been passionate about feeding people, and where the food I feed my family comes from. My business started as an idea and a Facebook Post during a time when my family needed extra income and I knew that my best skills were in the kitchen. From that one post, Dinner by Heather was born (my 5th baby!) and I’ve changed very little since that very first day. It has been and will always be my personal mission to feed your family like I feed mine; using fresh, whole ingredients to create wholesome, family friendly meals.

My passion for food was ingrained in me at an early age. I grew up on a farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania surrounded by Amish families who grew, harvested, canned, butchered and prepared all of their own food. My mother had a deep understanding of the importance of real food, and never fed us prepackaged or convenience meals. My childhood was highlighted with homemade chocolate chip cookies packed in my school lunch, fresh oatmeal bread for an afternoon snack, and spending the summer picking and preserving berries, peaches and corn. When my own children were born, I took her example to heart and developed an even deeper appreciation for where our food comes from. I am most happy in my kitchen, reading cookbooks or exploring a farm with my kids.

As a mom in 2019 I understand just how difficult it is to juggle work and school schedules and have time to serve quality food to your family, and that is why Dinner by Heather is my passion – to give families a quality, homemade meal option at a reasonable price, delivered effortlessly to your door. Thank you for trusting us to feed your family. We love being part of your lives.